Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To Calculate The Capacity Needs of Room Air-Con

Many of us often overlook spacious room with air conditioning requirement level. Because we think small place, it is quite simply 1/2PK, or vice versa, because it's big, then we attach 2PK. We think it's more frugal to buy an air conditioner than two AC. Do not buy air conditioner that is too large, resulting in unnecessary or too small, resulting in less cold. There is a simple formula that can be utilized.

The formula:

(L x W x H x I x E) / 60 = BTU requirement
L  = Length of room (in feet)
W = Width of room (in feet)
I   = value 10 if the insulated chamber (located in the basement, or huddle with other space).
        Score 18 if space is not insulated (upstairs).
H  = Height of room (in feet)
E  = value 16 if the longest wall facing north;
        value of 17 if facing east;
        value 18 if facing south;
        value 20 if facing west.

1 Meter = 3.28 Feet


AC Capacity based on PK:
AC ½ PK    =  ± 5,000 BTU / h
AC ¾ PK    = 
± 7,000 BTU / h
AC 1 PK     =  ± 9,000 BTU / h
AC 1 ½ PK =  ± 12,000 BTU / h
AC 2 PK     =  ± 18,000 BTU / h

Sample Calculation:

Room size 5m x 5m or (16 feet x 16 feet), height of room 3m (10 feet), insulated (coincide with another room), the long wall facing east. Needs BTU = (16 x 16 x 10 x 10 x 17) / 60 = 7,253 BTU, or simply ¾ PK of AC.

Energy And Electricity Saving Tips

Prepare Yourself

Modern life allows people to live in a comfortable atmosphere and very practical. This is all made possible by the existence of electrical energy. With various types of electrical equipment, electrical energy can be converted into rotary energy, heat, light, and audio-video signals, as needed. The process of change in electrical energy to a ready-made electricity in homes or in offices is cost money. The amount of costs that must be provided depends on the amount of electricity used, or often referred to as the number of KWh used.

Electrical Energy Saving Tips at Home

Listening is not the same as seeing, and seeing not the same as doing. Anything as beautiful teachings would be useless if not done. Love your electricity, start by using it with saving by running the following tips.

The principles that need attention and cultivate the attitude of electrical energy saving in households, among others: Connect the power of electricity as needed. Households small example, with enough power 450 VA or 900 VA, households are enough to power 900 VA to 1300 VA. Choosing the right appliances and as needed. Shape the behavior of members of the household in saving electricity, such as: Turning the power tools on only when necessary. Using power tools in turn. Using electric power to supplement household income (productive). Household electrical appliances in general are designed for efficient electricity usage, but in practice still found in a waste of electrical energy. This can occur because of the use of equipment in a manner that is less precise.

The use of measures of Household Electrical Appliances Conserve Energy Use in Electricity


  1. Put out the lights if the room is not used.
  2. Put out the lights in the daytime.
  3. Reduce excessive electric lighting.
  4. Position your furniture so as not to block the light in the room.
  5. Turning the lights pages / park when the day really began to get dark.
  6. Turn off the lights pages / park when the days are getting light again.
  1. Choosing energy-efficient air conditioning and power according to the size of the room.
  2. Use the appropriate AC capacity and efficiency.
  3. Use a timer (timer) for AC operation only when needed.
  4. Control the temperature with a thermostat.
  5. Use the cover on the space exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. Keep doors, windows and air vents are always closed for quite low humidity.
  7. Avoid putting anything that blocks air circulation.
  8. Clean the air filter, condenser coil and fins conditioned regularly.
  9. Adjust the room temperature sufficiently, do not set the AC too cold.
  10. AC Placing far as possible from direct sunlight, so that the cooling effect is not reduced.
  11. Replace coolant used (Freon) with power-saving cooling materials (hydrocarbon refrigerant), which can reduce power to 30% of AC.
  12. Turn off the AC when the room is empty in a relatively longer period.

  1. Use water storage tanks (storing water in the top position).
  2. Use water floats at the shelter.
  3. Use water sparingly and prevent water leaks in faucets and pipes.
  4. It often happens that the pump worked continuously, but not for consumption. The reason is as follows:
         * Relay press (pressure switch) is not working.
         * Installation of water pipes in the building there is a leak.
         * Faucet water does not shut down completely or is damaged.

  1. Using a washing machine in accordance with capacity.
  2. Excess capacity resulting in slowing the velocity of the engine and increase the electricity consumption burden.
  3. Capacity is less cause inefficient, because the machine uses the same energy.
  4. Use the dryer only on a cloudy / rainy. When the weather is sunny, you should take advantage of sunlight.

  1. Choosing a refrigerator with the size / capacity as appropriate.
  2. When I close the refrigerator door should always be tightly closed.
  3. The contents of the refrigerator should be in accordance with the capacity (not too crowded).
  4. Place the refrigerator away from heat sources (stove, direct sunlight).
  5. Place your refrigerator min. 15 cm from the wall, for good air circulation to the condenser.
  6. Avoid placing food / drink that is too hot.
  7. Set the refrigerator temperature as needed. Because the lower the temperature, the more electrical energy is used.
  8. Replace the rubber insulation on the door / cabinet immediately if damaged.
  9. Clean the condenser (located behind the refrigerator) regularly from dust and dirt, for heat release process went well.
  10. Turning off the fridge when not in use for a long time.

  1. Adjust the heat level is adjusted to use with an iron material (silk, woolen, polyster, cotton and so on).
  2. Clean the bottom side of the iron on a regular basis for delivery of iron to heat lasted well
  3. Iron at the same time many do only one or two pieces of clothing.
  4. Will switch off the iron if left long enough.

  1. Reduce electricity consumption during peak load in the hours 18:00 to 22:00
  2. Use Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances
  3. Turn off the magic-jar or a magic-com where rice has remained a bit because of electricity to warm the rice becomes futile.
  4. Turn off the television, radio, tape recorder, and audio visual equipment other, if not watched or listened to.
  5. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use equipment.
  6. If the electrical equipment using the remote system is not in use, do not turn off by remote control (on stand by.) But the turn of the on-off or disconnect the plug.
  7. Turn on the water heater 20 minutes before hot water is used
  8. Periodically clean the glass window. Glass window cleaner will continue more light.
  9. Periodically clean the bulb / tube lights with reflector so clean so as not to reduce the light.

Tips on Choosing Air Conditioner Unit

Tropical hot and sunny, making the cool air into the primary requirement. Like an oasis in the desert, it makes the existence of the AC (air conditioner) becomes a necessity that matters. Many types of air conditioners currently available to make the consumer should be more observant vote before deciding which one to buy air conditioning. Things to consider in choosing an air conditioner is as follows:
  1. Since its main function is as a coolant, therefore, AC is purchased, must be able to cool the room quickly. The easiest way to detect it, is to look at the evaporator coolers, which are on the side of the AC. With a size larger cooling evaporator, it will cool the room faster naturally and balanced.
  2. Select conditioned with cooling capacity as needed. Avoid choosing an air conditioner with too small capacity or over capacity.
  3. Observe the fan. The wider the fan, it will be faster and faster winds. In addition, with a wide fan, then the air conditioner will not cause any noise. With a wide evaporator, it is automatically the fan on the external blower would be larger. This need for balance. It would be better if the fan is jagged because it will make turbulance be quiet.
  4. Buy air conditioner equipped with a converter. Function Converter is a regulator of electricity load. This means that when the temperature in the room has reached the temperature we want, the AC itself automatically reduces the cooling load is given, with still operating.
  5. Consider additional features useful for health. Now there are air conditioning with features that can eradicate the bacteria. There was even able to filter out very fine dust particles, including bacteria. In addition, there is also air conditioning that offers features for killing germs and eliminating odor like the smell of cigarette smoke and features of vitamin C filter that contains antioxidants to boost immunity for the body becomes more healthy and fresh.
Besides choosing an air conditioner capable of cooling the room, choose also capable of providing benefits for health.

11 Tips on Caring For a Car Air-con

Driving The car will feel comfortable, if the air conditioning worked perfectly. It has become a necessity for life in the big city, if the AC problem, or not cool, the situation becomes completely wrong, if the window is opened, security problems, dust and fumes will go, but if you closed the cabin will feel hot and stuffy. Interference with the air conditioner is usually due to lack of care. Following tips can help you perform maintenance AC by yourself, before the condition of AC became severely damaged:
  1. Always keep your cabin clean of dust and dirt. Especially the front carpet pieces, because dust will be sucked into the evaporator (humid) that resulted in mold and spores, it is not good for health, and which will cause unpleasant odors when first turned on the AC. Try cleaning the carpet in a wide sheet.
  2. When washing the car, open the hood and a strong spray of water on the Condensor AC (which looks like a radiator and is usually located in front of the radiator), dirt or dust if left will harden, and can lead to corrosion or porous so that a leak in the condenser.
  3. Selecting a shady parking place, when will parking in a long time, because if in hot usually when the driver inside, the cabin will feel the heat, and will require a long cooling process. In addition, the cooling load as the car runs even be higher.
  4. Check Extras Condensor Fan located in front, whether alive when AC is turned on. If not, replace immediately, because it will result in compressor damage or hose high press could explode.
  5. Do not smoke in the car, because the smoke can contaminate Evaporators, and nicotine are sticky and slimy, and produce an unpleasant smell and hard to eliminate.
  6. Do not maximize the AC load current speeding vehicle, by lowering the temperature.
  7. Before you start the engine, turn off the AC first, turn on the AC after the machine stable. Vice versa, first turn off air conditioning if you want turn off the engine.
  8. Do not put bad quality fragrances cabin, will cause the smell, and difficult to clean. And do not install fragrances cabins with plug to grill model, because often the case broke on the grill. (because of some grill is hard to find in the market).
  9. If any unusual symptoms such as less cold air conditioning, will be better getting into a car ac repair specialists, do not wait for the damaged, it will cause the cvost of repair is high.
  10. Perform maintenance once a month max in a way remove scale, rust, dust, dirt, oil in the coil, air conditioner fins, using strong cleaners and specially formulated.
  11. Perform routine maintenance AC. It is highly recommended once a year, which need to be replaced is the Receiver Dryer, Compressor Oil, services Blower, Evaporator, Condensor drain and Freon. By doing routine maintenance in addition to extending the function of components of the AC to be more durable, will also make fresh air blowing is always fresh.