Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tips on Choosing Air Conditioner Unit

Tropical hot and sunny, making the cool air into the primary requirement. Like an oasis in the desert, it makes the existence of the AC (air conditioner) becomes a necessity that matters. Many types of air conditioners currently available to make the consumer should be more observant vote before deciding which one to buy air conditioning. Things to consider in choosing an air conditioner is as follows:
  1. Since its main function is as a coolant, therefore, AC is purchased, must be able to cool the room quickly. The easiest way to detect it, is to look at the evaporator coolers, which are on the side of the AC. With a size larger cooling evaporator, it will cool the room faster naturally and balanced.
  2. Select conditioned with cooling capacity as needed. Avoid choosing an air conditioner with too small capacity or over capacity.
  3. Observe the fan. The wider the fan, it will be faster and faster winds. In addition, with a wide fan, then the air conditioner will not cause any noise. With a wide evaporator, it is automatically the fan on the external blower would be larger. This need for balance. It would be better if the fan is jagged because it will make turbulance be quiet.
  4. Buy air conditioner equipped with a converter. Function Converter is a regulator of electricity load. This means that when the temperature in the room has reached the temperature we want, the AC itself automatically reduces the cooling load is given, with still operating.
  5. Consider additional features useful for health. Now there are air conditioning with features that can eradicate the bacteria. There was even able to filter out very fine dust particles, including bacteria. In addition, there is also air conditioning that offers features for killing germs and eliminating odor like the smell of cigarette smoke and features of vitamin C filter that contains antioxidants to boost immunity for the body becomes more healthy and fresh.
Besides choosing an air conditioner capable of cooling the room, choose also capable of providing benefits for health.

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