Technical And Economic Aspects


SYNTHETIC Refrigerant Freon

Views of Nature Physics and Thermodynamics, synthetic refrigerant type has some technical shortcomings that affect the economic losses, among others: 
  • Density (density) and thickness (viscosity) is quite high -> causes Gravity becomes high. 
  • High Density effect on: 
  1. Weight (weight) of refrigerant -> becomes high 
  2. Use more refrigerant 
  3. Work becomes more severe compressor 
  4. Energy consumption (electricity / fuel) more 
  • Low Latent Calor -> influence on the cooling effect 
  1. Slower cooling process 
  2. Temperature in the evaporator (air out) are relatively less cold 

NATURAL Refrigerant Musicool

Musicool technical excellence is the opposite of technical weakness which is owned by synthetic refrigerant Freon. 
Of Nature Physics and Thermodynamics has, then the natural refrigerant Musicool has advantages compared with synthetic refrigerant Freon, namely: 
  • Is a synthetic refrigerant refrigerant alternatives 
  • Easy to handle because it has the same working pressure with synthetic refrigerants 
  • With the density (density) and thickness (viscosity) smaller, so: 
  1. Smaller Density -> Weight (weight) is smaller refrigerant 
  2. Working compressor lighter 
  3. Use of energy (electricity) to drive the compressor is smaller 
  4. Because the compressor is lighter, then into a longer service life 
  • With a better thermodynamic properties, then the Effects of refrigeration for the better:
  1. More rapid cooling process 
  2. Temperature output at lower evaporator / cold 
  3. Technical superiority of the above positive results on aspects of economic / financial. 


SYNTHETIC Refrigerant Freon

As a result of technical shortcomings as mentioned above, it is viewed from the economic side, the use of synthetic refrigerant Freon result in losses, among others: 
  1. Use refrigerant more -> cost of maintenance (maintenance cost) is high 
  2. Work heavier compressor -> compressor quickly broken -> cost of maintenance (maintenance cost) is high 
  3. Work komproser weight -> shorter equipment life -> Cost Depreciation bigger -> replacement faster -> cashflow disturbed 
  4. Energy consumption (electricity / fuel) more -> Electricity Cost / High fuel -> high operational costs 

NATURAL Refrigerant Musicool

With technical superiority possessed by the refrigerant Musicool, then effeknya of considerable economic aspects: 
  1. Lower power consumption (down to 25%) -> Cost of electricity are automatically dropped with the same number 
  2. Work lighter compressor -> Cost of maintenance (Maintenance Cost) smaller 
  3. Service life (life time) longer -> lower maintenance costs -> Cost Depreciation of assets is smaller -> Replacement longer -> cash flow will become loose 
  4. The weight of refrigerant in use more lightweight (only 30% -40% of synthetic refrigerant weight), then the cost of materials becomes lower cooling