Saturday, January 8, 2011

Air-Con Service & Maintenance

Globalindo Niaga Prima offers product service such as maintenance services of air conditioning units. Along with the increasing of time, the air conditioning system will also be reached a period of wear (old). For that reason, we need regularly maintenance to support the smooth of air-conditioning system work.

With our working system which is always puts customer satisfaction on the top priority, convenience, with the best service quality, the fastest response time, quality control, warranty, and supported by our engineers who have experienced, thus entrust the air-conditioning maintenance services of your company to us. We will be glad to be a partner of your company in the field of AC maintenance services.

The scope of air conditioning maintenances and services that we offer are :

      Evaporators Checking
      Condensor Coil Cleaning
      Filter Cleaning
      Condition of Piping Installation Checking
      Ampere Compressor Checking
      Gas Pressure Checking
      Compressor Oil Checking
      Compressor Replacement
      Spare Parts Replacement

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