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Retrofit & Refrigerant Conversion


In order to help provide electrical power efficiency solutions which also resulted in savings of electricity costs, we Globalindo Niaga Prima has been carrying out Electrical Savings Solutions Program in Air Conditioning Machine in a variety of Company and Commercial Building, through the conversion of synthetic refrigerant HCFC R-22 with MC-22 Musicool Pertamina products, which save electricity and are environmentally friendly (And we guarantee 100% that there is reduction in power after using Musicool Refrigerant).

Besides saving electricity, conversion of HCFC/HFC Synthetic Refrigerants with Musicool also can support the Green Program, since the Musicool Refrigerant is a natural refrigerant that are environmentally friendly, which does not damage the Ozone Layer, and not a GHG, so it will not increase global warming.

This Power Saving Solutions, we do to help reduce operating costs of the Company, particularly the cost of Electricity and also at the same time in line with the Energy Saving Program.

This program has been utilized by many parties / companies / industries such as, Hospitals, high-rise buildings, hotels and Industry, where his unit air-conditioning machines, both AC and Split AC Chiller / Central used by the company, which was originally using HCFC/HFC Synthetic Refrigerant replaced with natural Refrigerant Musicool.


Musicool is a natural refrigerant Refrigerant type of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon, which is an alternative replacement for synthetic refrigerant, and has many advantages compare with Synthetic refrigerant which have been replaced.

Benefits and advantages of Musicool refrigerant are:

  1. Conserve electricity / energy to 30%.
  2. Provide better cooling effect.
  3. Lighten the compressor, so the air conditioning compressor service life becomes longer.
  4. No need for replacement / additional components.
  5. Not damage the AC machine.
  6. Environmentally friendly, because it does not damage the ozone layer and does not cause Global Warming.
  7. Conversion costs incurred will be back in a relatively short time from funds derived Electricity Cost savings every month, so that the Company generates no additional budget (Return on Investment ranging from 2 months to 10 months, depending on the duration of usage per unit of air conditioner).
The advantages of Musicool Refrigerant, is due to the nature of its physics and thermodynamics, it is better if compared with the Synthetic refrigerant.


Based on practical experience, the power savings obtained after the recovery of Freon with Musicool is between 10% and to 30%, depending on engine type air conditioner, Brand AC Machine, AC Machine Age usage, condition and capacity of AC Machines AC Machines, by the details:

  1. AC machine with one Phase power: 10% to 30%
  2. AC machine with three phase power: 10% s / d 25%
But in general can be noted, that Recovery / Conversion Freon with Musicool can reduce power consumption significantly, so it can provide a quite financial advantage for the owner of AC machine, comprising:
  1. Decrease in electricity costs, so the conversion cost incurred would return in a relatively short time from funds obtained Electricity Cost savings every month, so that the Company generates no additional budget (Return on Investment ranging from 2 months to 8 months, depending on the duration of use of any air-conditioning units)
  2. Reduce Maintenance Cost 
  3. Extend Replacement Cost, etc.


Warranty of Conversion Results:

GLOBALINDO NIAGA PRIMA is not just offer a recovery and conversion of Synthetic refrigerant into Musicool, but the offered are: Decrease / Saving of power consumption and Cooling Effect.

  • We guarantee the reduction / saving of electricity consumption by 10% to 30%, depending on the type of compressor, brand and age of AC Machines.  
  • We guarantee the temperature in the evaporator / indoor at least the same as before.
We also provide GUARANTEE on our work, namely:
  • Power savings of at least 10%, experience shows an average of 20% (No need to pay for air conditioning units which is less than 10% savings!).
  • The temperature at the evap / indoor, at least the same as when using Freon, experiences show a decrease between 1 - 3o C (No need to pay for air conditioning units that its temperature is hotter than before!).
  • Adding of Musicool Refrigerant MC-22 if there is a deficiency for 1 (one) month.
Warranty Work:

Guarantee at least 1 (one) month or in accordance with the agreement, for cooling effect or refrigerant adding, begun after recovery & conversion work was completed, according to the Minutes of Recovery & Conversion, signed together.


To obtain optimal results, both in terms of reduction in electricity and refrigeration effect, required a skilled technician executor, trained, certified and experienced in conducting Refrigerant Recovery & Conversion of Synthetic Refrigerant Freon into Musicool Refrigerant.

This is because there are significant differences between the Synthetic refrigerant and Natural Refrigerant Musicool, both from its gas properties or from a process of conversion itself.

Success Indicators:

  1. Convert (Use) Power Down from 10% to 30%
  2. Refrigeration same effect, even better; Output Air Temperature in Indoor / Evap. between a minimum of 1 ° C
  3. Hardwares AC unit does not have a problem (damage), whether during work or after conversion
  4. The conversion job is safe (do not have a problem, both of Hardwares and Executing Conversion
Terms of Success:
  • The quality of refrigerant must be good
  • Implementing qualified skilled technicians:
    • Understand the characteristics of Musiccol
    • Understand the difference Synthetic refrigerant with Musicool
    • Knowing the differences Construction packaging (tube) and consequently on the System Charging Procedure
    • Self-trained in doing Conversion or Musicool Charging
    • Have sufficient experience in working with Musicool
    • The process of Musicool Conversion & Charging follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Working careful and thorough

      Qualification of GNP Technician

      1. Already received training, both theory and practice
      2. Having a Certificate of Competency from BNSP Cooling Technique (National Professional Certification)
      3. Have a Training Certificate Musicool, from Pertamina
      4. Understand the characteristics Musicool
      5. It has more than 5 years of experience in doing the conversion from Synthetic refrigerant to Musicool at various AC Machines and other refrigeration equipment, ranging from Split Air-Con machine to Chiller/Central Air-Con machine.
      6. Always work by following the Retofit SOP of Musicool


      Where appropriate, after the recovery and conversion of Freon with Musicool as a whole, it can be carried out energy audit, calculate the approximate savings of energy and electricity costs that will be generated every month through an AC machine is based on electricity savings results obtained after the recovery and conversion, according to News The event made for each of the AC machine by taking into account the duration of use of each air conditioning machine and with the assumption: that there is no additional equipment that uses electricity and duration of use of the same as before the conversion.


      Before the recovery / conversion of refrigerant in an AC machine, first made a careful observation and checking on various aspects of AC Machines, are:

      • The type, brand and type of AC Machines
      • Refrigerant used
      • The physical condition of the machine
      • Location and conditions of the storage engine
      • Schedule maintenance / maintenance performed
      • Performance machines using Freon refrigerant R-22
      Results from monitoring / checking will produce conclusions, whether the AC machine is in good condition and technically can be done refrigerant recovery and conversion or not.

      Safety, security and benefit from air conditioning unit owners after recovery / conversion is a major priority and consideration of decision-recovery / conversion refrigerant.



      1. Checking performance of AC machines before recovery (while still using Freon), covering: current / electric power, pressure and temperature at the evaporator (cooling effect).
      2. Expenditures refrigerant Freon from air conditioning machines
      3. Pem-vacuuman AC machines, as well as a leak check
      4. Filling with coolant Musicool.
      5. Checking performance AC machine after charging Musicool to compare with the performance while still using Freon.
      6. Making Work Implementation Minutes AC Retrofit with Musicool.


      Service and Maintenance which involves the addition of refrigerant (coolant) Musicool after recovery / conversion must be performed by technicians who have received training and are familiar in using the natural refrigerant type, except for cleanning service jobs can be done by another technician.

      Not recommended and must be avoided and Maintenance Service work performed by other technicians who are not familiar and not familiar with hydrocarbon refrigerant.

      GLOBALINDO NIAGA PRIMA provided training / training to the technicians Company / Owner air conditioning and / or contractor technician service / maintenance out-sourcing is Free of Charge, which represents a package in Electricity Saving Program, so the companies are expected to perform servicing / maintenance of their own .

      If the Company / Owner of the AC does not have its own human resources technician or contractor service / maintenance out-sourcing, then GLOBALINDO NIAGA PRIMA ready to do service work and periodic and routine maintenance under the Contract.


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